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"A Knights of the Round Table Happening"  
For tickets to this event go to the Events tab and scroll to bottom to use Pay Pal.... this is a charitable donation event !
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                                                                 OUR MISSION:

                                 TO BE THE PREMIERE PLACE TO FIND
                      WHAT YOU NEED TO SUCCEED  IN THE WORLD OF                                                                 THE ARTS...
           Event planner, wedding planner and entertainment innovator !
     Ava Holly Lewis 

 "I come to this business with 30 years in the entertainment industry --  sales    marketing and PR  experience. I have over 25 yrs. in the direct selling  industry and  the gaming industry. I have found, in that time, that I just  really love people. I've been a performer, songwriter, voice over specialist,  D.J., buyer, designer, retail sales manager, stage hand, poet,  M.C. ,    and networking director to name a few things...I've learned that you have to  build on relationships and build rapport within those relationships to push  forward.   
 Make no mistake that I am not about to invest MY time and energy if you  are not serious. If you don't take yourself seriously, than no one else will  either....
      Sit down with me and have a complimentary consultation and                   we can take the next step from there."

                "Don't be afraid to go out on a limb....after all....
                            that's where the fruit is !"
          Thank you for taking the time to share this space with me. I like to                                     think outside of the box and get things done.
                        Let's work together towards a common goal !

                                                         AVA HOLLY LEWIS
e-mail me directly at :  starboardangels@yahoo.com or by just clicking the "eyes"  image  on any of the pages.
Call  me at :  609-457-4103 

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